Thursday, October 21, 2010


These kids are wrong with what they are doing they feel like they have the right to pick on the gays. What is most wrong is that the teachers and the others that were involved with the problem. Even after the parents were getting involved the teachers still did not do any thing to help the problem they just let it happen. Their was another story that i heard that some kid was humiliated in his school the kid could not take it any more one day he got up for school, got dressed took a belt an tied it around his neck and hung himself from the shelf in his closet. The next day in school all the kids were wearing noose around their necks all day the teachers didn't even say anything. Is this what it takes for teachers to get the picture that the students actually needs some help. It shouldn't even have to come down to this they should already have a handle on the situation. To all the kids out their getting picked on just ignore the person who is picking on you and when you get home don't be afraid to tell your parents the situation. If they love you they will understand. If it keeps happening just don't let it get to you because all the bully wants is to get a rise out of you and when the bully gets that then he/ she has won. So don't show anything that they can feed off. They will eventually move on to another person. So just try and hang on if you can.

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